Save The Clock Tower! And These Other Movie Landmarks

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Save the Clock Tower! 

For movie fans, their favorite films aren’t just entertainment, they are a sense of comfort. They love the characters and the worlds created around them. In fact, sometimes the locations where the movies were shot are so compelling that they jump off the screen and become characters as well. Many times they are lost to history as industry grows and the locations are torn down. But if cabin where Martha Washington cut a triple queef is allowed to remain, there are certain film landmarks that deserve preservation as well. In fact, at this very moment, people are fighting to save an preserve the cemetery chapel from Night of the Living Dead.

We’ve already lost many a great one. Please study the locations below so that we don’t lose another.

East 95th Street Bridge – The Blues Brothers

If you’ve ever sat in wait while a drawbridge raises, you’ve likely felt compelled to floor it and jump the sucker. If not, you’re lying to yourself. The Blues Brothers actually got to give in to this compulsion and take air over the East 95th Street Bridge in Chicago. Next time I’m in Chicago, I’m trying this. I’ll also try a Superdawg.

Chotchkie’s – Office Space

The nightmare of hellish food service chains was perfectly served up by Office Space’s Chotchkie’s. And though it was depicted as a place of misery, it’s also home to some of the movie’s more memorable scenes. Like Lassie, Chotchkie’s is actually a fictional bitch. The real restaurant that subbed for it is the now closed Austin’s Alligator Grill. I guess the loss of Initech really hurt profits.

The Clocktower – Back To The Future

Though the Hill Valley Clock Tower featured in Back to the Future was actually a set built specifically for the movie, fans were welcome to visit it along with other locations from the film at Universal Studios. We’ve almost lost the cherished Clock Tower a few times. Once when lightning hit it in the 1950’s, then again when it was damaged by fire at the theme park in both the 1990’s and 2008. Someone needs to put this thing on 24 hour watch.

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