Most of the time in movies, angels are the gentle, winged beings who are looking out for our best interests. They have wise things to see, and they offer help and sympathy to those who need it. Take Clarence in "It's a Wonderful Life." He's a prime example of the do-gooder angel type. But where is it written that angels can't kick ass? They may not be as common as those goodie-two-shoes, but there have been more than a few angels who wreaked all sorts of havoc and busted a few skulls along the way. These six movie angels kicked ass during their visits to our mortal plane.


Gabriel, "The Prophecy"

With Christopher Walken lending his...unique approach to the role of Gabriel, everyone knew that this angel wasn't going to be all about halos and harps. Gabriel is typically supposed to be the angel of mercy and justice, but Walken's Gabriel isn't much for either of those ideals. In fact, he goes against the wishes of the Almighty by looking to spark a war between the angels and humans, out of jealousy. He finds time to rip out another angel's heart and generally does pretty vicious stuff. But really, what did people expect from Christopher Walken?


Bartleby and Loki, "Dogma"

Jealousy seems to be a common motivator for angels and their violent tendencies. These two had served God and the Kingdom of Heaven for quite some time, but they got fed up seeing God give mankind all kinds of benefits and affection. Bartleby and Loki seem to delight in tormenting the pitiful humans on Earth after they were booted from Heaven. Their most vicious moment? Probably when they wiped out an entire board room while reciting each victim's sins out loud. That's pretty rough stuff!


Simon, "The Prophecy"

Simon is the benevolent opposite of Christopher Walken's Gabriel, but that doesn't make him a wimp. Oh sure, he's a nice angel, and he wants to help people out, but he's not about to get steam rolled by other angels. He starts the movie off with a bang, doing brutal battle with the nefarious Uziel and killing him in an apartment. He's not afraid of Gabriel, either, although he probably should have tread a bit more lightly since he ended up having his heart ripped out by Gabriel. Ouch!


Angelic Horde, "Legion"


"God is pissed!" That really should have been the tagline for this 2010 horror flick. The Almighty is done with mankind, upset at their foolish squandering of, well, everything, so now he's sending angels to Earth to clean house. And clean they do, by possessing people and destroying people in a variety of horrible ways, including crucifixions, ripping throats out, and literally making people explode. The movie wasn't all that great, but at least the angels kicked ass!


Aaron Corbett, "Fallen"

"Fallen" may have been a made-for-TV movie, but Paul Wesley's Aaron Corbett angel managed to squeeze a little ass-kicking into this flick. After realizing that he's part-angel (his mother must have forgotten about that particular one night stand), Aaron is on a journey to face off with the nefarious Powers, and he's got a whole cadre of angels, fallen angels, and demons to contend with. Aaron, in typical tween fashion, is more than a little melodramatic, but he deserves props for doing battle with ancient evil!


Gabriel, "Constantine"

Filmmakers must have a thing for the Gabriel character, because ol' Gabe pops up in about a thousand different angel movies. Sometimes Gabriel is nice, sometimes Gabriel is mean, and sometimes Gabriel is a woman! Such is the case in the Keanu Reeves movie "Constantine" where Tilda Swinton gets the nod as Gabriel, probably because she can pull off the asexual role better than anyone. Once again, Gabriel is jilted by God's favoritism toward humans, and she/he is going to dispense some angelic revenge with evil summoning and spear attacks. Fortunately, human cardboard cut-out Keanu Reeves was there to save the world!