Right Away, Sir: The 7 Best Assistants And Butlers From TV And Film

Thursday, October 20 by

Lloyd – Entourage

Another doormat, Lloyd’s allegiance seems to stem from a mix of devotion to uber-dick Ari Gold as well as the realization that this is what you have to do to get ahead as an agent in Hollywood. The fact that he’s effeminate and dresses like an Asian Payne Stewart gives Ari no shortage of ammo to use against Lloyd just because he feels like it.

Beyond the loyalty and the fact that Lloyd can deal with all of Ari’s shit, he’s beyond capable. While he might not have the killer instinct that Ari wishes to instill in him, he’s well-schooled and quick-witted, enough so that Ari keeps him around despite the argyle vests and the, you know, homosexuality.

Indicative exchange:

Lloyd: This lying is making m break out. God, I have a date tonight!
Ari: Well, I’m sure your date will pop that with his pecker. Don’t worry.

Eddie Kessler – Boardwalk Empire

While all the best servants, houseboys, and assistants are docile, this guy makes doormats look aggro. Despite his undying loyalty and hard-work, Nucky Thompson seems to make it his life’s work to continually rain a shower of shit on Eddie, chastising him for items well beyond his control.

Indicative exchange:

Eddie: I’m sorry, sir. I didn’t know you’d be here.
Nucky: I asked for coffee, Eddie, not excuses.

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