Revisionist History: 7 Movies Altered After 911

Monday, January 9 by Gregory Wakeman

nyc pre 9-11

On top killing thousands of people, the Al Qaeda bastards also disrupted several Hollywood blockbusters. Osama and his loyal troop of Jihadi fundamentalists actions were so bad that filmmakers throughout the country were forced to go back to their editors and force them to change little details that could prove insensitive in this time of crisis. Here are a list of seven movies that were altered after the 9/11 attacks.

Spiderman.” Even though Peter Parker didn’t reach our screens till the summer of 2002, his web throwing defense wasn’t enough to stop Sam Raimi’s film from being edited. The original teaser trailer for the film featured a bank being robbed by a group of thieves who look to make their escape in a helicopter amidst the New York skyline, only to be caught in a huge spider’s web that has been constructed between the two towers.

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