When trying to recommend movies to watch on a date, it is important to choose films catering to the female while also providing a guy with what he needs to stay entertained. These movies feature the love and cheesy scenes that win over the female audience while also remaining humorous and loaded with the features that keeps guy’s smiling.

  1. “Say Anything”John Cusack stars as Lloyd Dobler in this Cameron Crowe movie, a man that all guys can relate to and all women fall in love with, a perfect movie to watch on a date. It is straight out of the '80s, Cusack playing an average guy who will do anything he can to win over the love of his life.

  2. “Almost Famous” – This movie is another Cameron Crowe film, based on his experiences working as a music journalist as a youngster. The movie follows a kid who gets the chance to follow his favorite band, writing a story for “Rolling Stone” magazine. The soundtrack is great and the story is perfect.

  3. “Princess Bride” – This movie has the fairy tale aspects that women love with a great sense of humor that wins over most males. It is a perfect movie to watch on a date, telling the story of a pirate who sets out to rescue his love from three kidnappers and an evil prince.

  4. “High Fidelity” – John Cusack stars in this quirky movie about a man who remembers his worst ever breakups when his latest relationship goes up in smoke. This is a great movie to watch on a date, with an amazing musical soundtrack and another solid John Cusack performance.

  5. “Edward Scissorhands” – When looking for movies to watch on a date, it is always a winner to find a fairy tale with something extra. This movie has the fairy tale aspects as a creature with scissors for hands tries to fit into society, from the mind of Tim Burton.

  6. “Out of Sight” – This might be one of the sexiest movies ever made, a perfect choice for a movie to watch on a date. George Clooney stars as a man who breaks out of prison and Jennifer Lopez is the deputy trying to bring him back in.

  7. “Jerry Maguire” – Another Cameron Crowe film, this movie has all the mixings to be a great movie to watch on a date. For the girls, there is a cute kid and some of the sappiest dialogue you will hear. For the guys, there is a lot of football action and cameos from NFL players.

  8. “About a Boy”Hugh Grant movies are always a great bet if you want to win a girl over but there are few that most men can stomach. “About a Boy” is proof that some Hugh Grant movies can be tolerated. Grant plays a bachelor who meets a young boy who helps him grow up a little.

  9. “The Apartment” – This movie is one of Steven Spielberg’s favorite films and is one of Billy Wilder’s masterpieces. A hapless office worker tries to move up the ladder in his company by allowing the executives from his company to use his apartment for extramarital affairs. It is here that the man falls in love.

  10. “The Wedding Singer” – For anyone who lived through the '80s, this is a perfect movie to watch on a date. Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore star as a couple of people engaged to be married to other people but, when they meet, they realize they should be with each other.