Knowing what the 10 best rainy day movies are will most definitely cure your rainy day boredom. It's raining outside, so you can't enjoy your usual outdoor leisure activities, such as rock climbing, bear wrestling, dragon slaying, or cave surfing (which is a thing, right?). What can you do? Well, you could watch a movie.

We like to use rainy days for those LONG movies that are sometimes seen as boring when the sun is shining.  Call us weird and crazy, but this is our list just in time for those summer thunder storms

1)  "The Great Escape"  Is it a surprise that one of our favorite all time movies is also our favorite rainy day movie? "The Great Escape" flies by at the speed of thought. It gives you that special warm feeling that only seeing Steve McQueen outrun Nazis on a motorcycle can provide. Eat that, Nazis! Steve McQueen has a motorcycle, and can do sweet jumps with it!  Did we mention that we love this movie!  Go ahead - we dare you to not sit through the greatest motorcycle scene ever!

2) "Key Largo" The gangster thriller "Key Largo" does one better and has a hurricane in it, which also makes it one of the best hurricane movies. It also has Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, and Edward G. Robinson, so you could do worse in the cast department as well.

3) "Rashomon" Japanese director Akira Kurosawa is famous for having extreme weather in his movies, and "Rashomon" is no different. Also, it's one of the first movies to employ an unreliable flashback structure, with different characters giving their versions of past events. Piecing together what really happened is a perfect don't-want-to-leave-the-house activity. Plus telling people you've seen this it makes you sound smart.

4) "The Bridge on the River Kwai" Nice and long, great for rainy days, "The Bridge on the River Kwai" doesn't have as many explosions as modern action movies, but it has enough tension for half a dozen of them.  Go ahead and start whistling, it is summer time after all.

5) "Spartacus" The best rainy day movies are looooong without being dull. This way, there's a better chance it's not raining anymore when it ends, and you can resume driving your SUV over cliffs. "Spartacus" is one of the quickest 3+ hour movies out there, and the ending is guaranteed to increase the chance of tears to 100 percent. Manly, manly tears.

6) "2001: A Space Odyssey" The pounding rain outside will force you to focus on Stanley Kubrick's sci-fi mind-bender if you haven't put forth the effort already. It spans millions of years within its running time and the never-bettered visuals will have you contemplating life, the universe, and everything in no time. Then, you're not asking yourself when it's going to stop raining, but why.

7) "The Godfather Part II" It's like "The Godfather," but longer. The sequel is just as good as the first, if not better, with a longer running time AND the best scene in the entire Godfather series, which is Fredo teaching his nephew the "secret" to fishing. The rain might end before the movie does, but there's no way you're turning it off.

8) "Aliens"  It's always raining on the colonized planet that Ellen Ripley and a band of space Marines are sent to in order to investigate why communications with the colony have been cut off. So maybe you'll feel a certain kinship with them and with the poor dead victims of the xenomorphic killing machines known as "aliens" in this film that features a giant robot sui fighting a giant alien monster. If you don't want to see it now, raining or not, we don't know what's wrong with you.

9) "The Abyss" Yes, it's another James Cameron movie. This one is especially good for when it's wet outside because most of it takes place COMPLETELY UNDERWATER. There's even a scene involving two people trapped in a room that's slowly filling with water - it serves to remind you that no matter how hard it rains, it could always be worse.

10) "JFK" This is another 3+ hour movie that flies by. And if it's still raining outside you can go online and post your thoughts about who REALLY killed Kennedy. No, really, we're all interested.