Public transportation is often laughed at, hated and abused by its users for its unreliability and god awful smell. Whilst those who possess their own cars look down on the public transportation users, however taking the subway is still statistically the safest way to travel. Not that the film industry has ever painted it in this light. So here is a list of the 5 most gruesome subway crashes in movies.



Nicholas Cage's psychological march toward the apocalypse features a rather gruesome subway disaster after Jonathon has followed a supposed terrorist to the platform. The man latter turns out to be a shoplifter. The lesson here being that Nicholas Cage is a racist.


"Final Destination 3"

After surviving the multiple murder attempts from death, Wendy, Kevin and Julie ride the subway in New York only for Wendy to have a premonition of their death, that ultimately proves to be correct. Sorry I should have written spoiler alert at the start. Never mind.


"Die Hard With A Vengeance"

John McLane and Zeus drive furiously through downtown New York so that the New York police officer can diffuse a bomb on board the subway carriage. He arrives in time but can only throw it so far and the train ends up being derailed in the process. Unfortunately for him, John McClane's day had only just begun.


"Super 8"

Ok, "Super 8" involves a train crash rather than a subway disaster but it's so wonderfully created by JJ Abrams that we are able to look beyond that little discrepancy. Make sure that you see the film in Imax to truly be blown away the explosions



Bruce Willis' second effort on the list was produced at the height of M Night Shyamalan's powers. After surviving a train crash Willis' character David Dunn slowly realizes that he is a superhero. At the expense of 131 other passengers who perished in the crash.