Primary This: 9 Films Set In New Hampshire

Tuesday, January 10 by

Mr. Deeds

When a man from small town New Hampshire is discovered to be the only living heir to a massive fortune, he’s whisked away to New York City. The uptight New York sophisticates assume him to be a simpleton, undeserving of the fortune because of his small town values and education. However, he slowly wins most of them over by showing that he has everyone’s best interest at heart.

In fact, the only person that immediately saw past his peculiar ways and dead foot was tennis great John McEnroe. Good old Johnny Mac. Always willing to get sh*t-faced and egg taxis with strangers.

The Rules of Attraction

I could have gone to college in New Hampshire, but having vacationed there as a kid I dismissed it as boring. Then The Rules of Attraction comes out and shows what college there is really like. Hot chicks like Jessica Biel, Kate Bosworth, and Shannyn Sossamon are strutting around in their underwear all drunk and horny. Put that on the brochure, New Hampshire colleges!

What About Bob?

Richard Dreyfuss stars as a dickhead psychiatrist who travels with his family for a little rest and relaxation in New Hampshire. That plann is quickly uprooted when his most needy patient, Bill Murray‘s Bob, tracks him down. He’s immediately welcomed by the family which sets the doctor off before gradually driving him to a catatonic state.

And that explains where Richard Dreyfuss has been all these years.

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