Primary This: 9 Films Set In New Hampshire

Tuesday, January 10 by

Mystery Team

Though the setting of Mystery Team is as mysterious as whoever stuck their finger in the cooling pie, the film was shot all over New Hampshire. The producers utilized their hometown of Manchester for many of the locations, and a Bedford, NH, strip club to substitute for Ponytail’s Gentlemen’s Club in the movie. The comedy features loads of crime, drugs, and strippers. That should quell any rumors that there’s nothing to do in New Hampshire.

The Brown Bunny

Audiences saw The Brown Bunny for the famed beej scene. But, this road movie featured a long and boring winding road before the film’s, ahem, climax. First stop on this adventure was New Hampshire, where Vincent Gallo picks up a young woman at a gas station. It takes little convincing for her to blow off The Granite State in favor of California, but he leaves her behind before embarking on his journey. It must have been because she kept referring to ‘sprinkles’ as ‘jimmies’.


A college professor moves to New Hampshire the summer before he is to begin a stint at Beardsley College. He comes to that attention of a horny widow, who demands he marry her. At first, he laughs it off, but when he catches sight of Lolita, her hot teen daughter, he’s all like, “Zoinks! Of course I’ll marry your daughter, err, I mean you. My love.”

From there it turns into a densely-woven tale of deception and murder as the man goes to great lengths to win Lolita’s hand. His life is completely uprooted in the process. Just as well. And whoever does background checks at Beardsley is really bad at their job.

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