Playing God: 8 Actors Who Took A Crack At The Divine

Wednesday, January 11 by

Tucker Smallwood – The Sarah Silverman Program

Tucker Smallwood appeared a few times on The Sarah Silverman Program as the heavenly father who Sarah found too clingy after the two shared a brief relationship. But she still wants to use him to impress her former classmates at her high school reunion. Naturally, God doesn’t cope too well with rejection and causes a HUGE scene. He also gets high and creeps her out by looking too much like Smokey Robinson. Chicks, man.

James Garner – God, The Devil, and Bob

God, the Devil and Bob was a cartoon series about a man who must prove the world is worth saving after God decides he wants to wipe out humanity and start over from scratch. The high-concept, theological comedy aired on NBC. Which means it only aired for a few weeks. James Garner loaned his gravelly twang to voice God, who looked very much like Jerry Garcia. If I get to Heaven to find angels noodling on guitars, I’m going to figure out a way to be kicked out.

Rob Benedict – Supernatural

All Hell breaks loose, literally, when God gives up on man in Supernatural. The angels feel jilted that their father has vanished and the demons raise Lucifer from the Hell Cage where he has been imprisoned. However, in a big reveal, the viewer discovers that God has been hiding in plain sight all along in the form of Chuck, the Prophet. Up until that point, we only knew Chuck as a fan-fic writer who had visions of the Winchester Brothers adventures. No one would have expected he was actually the Lord, but it makes sense that God is a big Supernatural fan. Normally, awesome cult shows are canceled really quickly.

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