Traveling is almost always an adventure. If you are a frequent business traveler, everything may seem routine and boring, but something unexpected will come up from time to time to make your trip memorable. Taking a family vacation can be an adventure in itself, from getting to the airport to arriving at your destination with your family intact. Here are five travel movies that you can watch at home and then laugh your head off.

"Planes, Trains & Automobiles." Neal Page (Steve Martin) is a business executive who wants to get home for Thanksgiving. Dell Griffith (John Candy) is a shower curtain ring salesman who is on the same flight as Page. When their flight gets canceled due to bad weather, the two are forced to become travel partners in an effort to get home. The pair go through a series of misadventures in an effort to get home. During the process, Griffith helps Page realize how blessed he is and how wonderful his life has become. Page also realizes that Griffith may be a large and obnoxious boob, but he is a truly decent person who becomes a good friend.

National Lampoon's "Vacation." Clark Griswold (Chevy Chase) and his wife Ellen (Beverly D'Angelo) are about to take a vacation with their two children to Walleyworld. The family travels cross-country, meets up with cousin Catherine and her memorable unemployed husband Eddie and then ends up taking difficult Aunt Edna with them. Clark becomes enamored with a beautiful blonde driving a red Ferrari during  the trip and ends up in a motel pool with her, much to his family's chagrin. When the family finally arrives at their destination, it's not quite what the Griswolds had in mind. While many of the jokes can be seen from miles away and Chase's acting is way over the top, it's still a laugh a minute.

"Lost In Translation." Bob Harris (Bill Murray) is a 50-something actor who has flown to Tokyo to do a liquor commercial. He has no idea what his Japanese director is saying to him and what he is supposed to do. He also can't believe the direction his life has taken and why he's doing Japanese commercials instead of important film projects. While he's lost and alone in Tokyo, he meets Charlotte (Scarlett Johansson) who is the newly married wife of a photographer in Japan on an assignment. She's basically left alone in the city by her workaholic husband. They share experiences as Americans in a mysterious foreign land and find that they fulfill each other's needs.

"Sideways." Miles (Paul Giamatti) and Jack (Thomas Haden Church) are two friends who are enduring mid-life changes. Jack is about to get married, so Miles wants to give him a nice adventure by traveling through wine country before he ties the knot. Miles is a failed writer who is still trying to get his first novel published while Jack is an actor. The trip through the vineyards is anything but routine as both men discover more about themselves during the vacation.

"It's a Mad Mad Mad World." After spending the last 15 years in prison, Smiler Grogan (Jimmy Durante) drives at high speed to a California park where he hid $350,000 from a previous job. His car goes out of control and he goes over a cliff. As the drivers from four cars try to help the dying man, he tells them where he has hidden the money. The rest of the movie is a hilarious adventure as each group of strangers tries to beat the the others to the money and claim it as their own.