Our 9 Favorite Scenes Involving People Killing Defenseless Animals

Wednesday, October 26 by

She’s Not Gonna Be Ignored, Dan (Rabbit Stew) – Fatal Attraction

Love makes people do crazy things. That’s an established fact. So we really can’t judge Glenn Close’s character for killing her lover’s daughter’s pet rabbit, then putting it a stew. What we can judge her for is failing to skin the rabbit before making stew with it. That’s just gross. There would be rabbit fur in the stew. I mean, that’s not just bad cooking, that’s a lack of common sense.

Giddyup – The Godfather

Sometimes you need to make someone an un-refusable offer. And when you find yourself needing to really sell that offer, sometimes you need to decapitate a racehorse. Don’t blame me, I’m just the messenger.

It’s like a really, really, really effective Post-It Note.

Petey The Parakeet – Dumb and Dumber

Note: Killing an animal only serves as an effective message if the recipients aren’t complete morons. But even if the recipients are morons, it’s still fun to hurt the animal in question.

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