Our 9 Favorite Scenes Involving People Killing Defenseless Animals

Wednesday, October 26 by

Patrick Bateman Stomps A Dog – American Psycho

When Christian Bale’s Bateman comes across the homeless “Al” on the streets of Manhattan, he meets him with equal parts charity and contempt, but after stabbing him over and over, you realize that “contempt” probably won out. After finishing Al off, Bateman stomps on his pet German Shepherd for no good reason, presumably killing it. I feel the Al-stabbing really detracts from the dog-stomping, but both make for delightful cinema.

Time To Pay The Fiddler, Dog – Old Yeller


I don’t know why this movie is regarded as such a tearjerker! At the end of the film, the kid gets to kill a dog with a rifle. Could you imagine a happier ending? It would be sad if the kid DIDN’T get to shoot his bad dog.

Now, I know that most people think that animals should only be killed if their death serves a greater good, like meat or leather. Well, you can’t eat rabid dog-meat, and people flip the fuck out when I wear my dogskin coat, so that doesn’t really apply here. I’m sure they were able to get a new, non-rabid dog. One that looks lik Marmaduke or something.

Farmer Hoggett Kills The Duck – Babe

People gotta eat, and while I would rather get after some delicious suckling pig than gamey, fatty duck, I understand that it takes Diff’rent Strokes to move the world, so I can’t really fault the farmer for axing the shit out of the duck.

Well, I DIDN’T fault the farmer for axing the duck, until I realized that he never got around to eating the pig at all. Then, later on, the pig got loose and ended up running to and fro in the city, all the live long day. He should have treated himself to two meats that Christmas.

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