Our 7 Favorite Unintentionally Funny Deaths In Film

Friday, April 13 by

Russell Franklin – Deep Blue Sea

It’s hard to know if Deep Blue Sea meant for Russell’s (Sam Jackson) death to be funny, as the film seems to waver in degrees of self-awareness, but my impression is that they meant for it to be shocking, but just went a little too far, turning the film from an action-thriller to the “the film where Samuel L. Jackson gets eaten by a damn shark!”

Killing off the only reputable actor in the first half of the film sends a very powerful message. That message?

“Get ready to spend the next hour with LL Cool J and his pet parrot.”

Marvin – Pulp Fiction

Few scenes are more indicative of Quentin Tarantino’s frenetic filmmaking than the abrupt death of Marvin, who is an acquaintance of both Jules and Vincent. In the midst of a casually dumb conversation about divine intervention, Vincent turns to the backseat to ask Marvin his thought on the matter. Vincent’s gun goes off, and Marvin’s head explodes.

Sure, the fallout is intended to be funny (like the pieces of brain in Jules’ fro, and pretty much everything having to do with The Wolf), but the actual death is so shocking that it’s hard not to laugh just to deal with it.

Emil Antonowsky – RoboCop

This one doesn’t lend itself to much analysis. One of the thugs responsible for Murphy’s death, played by Paul McCrane, gets hit with a tub of toxic waste during the final shootout, turning him into a disgusting mess of a beast with skin sloughing off and whatnot. He repulses his own associates as he ambles aimlessly for help, unaware that things are going to get much worse for him as he gets lit up by Clarence in a car, causing him to explode upon impact. Did you know that toxic waste makes people really explode-y? It does, according to RoboCop.

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