Our 7 Favorite Unintentionally Funny Deaths In Film

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Smile, fellas.  

Sometimes, death can’t help but be funny, even though we don’t want it to be. Sure, I wouldn’t like to see any of my friends or family suffer such fates, but it’s hard not to enjoy watching these mostly hammy actors meeting the most ridiculous ends imaginable.

The more painful the death looks, the funnier it is, with the RoboCop guy probably taking the cake for worst way to go.

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Nameless Dude From Coffee Shop Who Becomes The Vessel Through Which Death Appears – Meet Joe Black

If you want to set the table for a three-hour study of whatever the hell issues Meet Joe Black was trying to earnestly tackle, don’t have the star of the film die in the most ridiculous fashion of any film ever. The only thing people remember about Meet Joe Black is that Brad Pitt gets hit, while airborne, by no less than 411 cars.

It was hilarious to watch the pretty boy get completely clipped in the opening minutes, in the background, no less. But as time marches on, I still fail to see what the logic was for such a cartoonish death. Maybe he could have had renal failure. Or maybe he could have been the victim of some white-on-white crime.

At the risk of being hyperbolic, it’s sort of like if Orson Welles had been eaten by piranhas at the beginning of Citizen Kane.

Dillon – Predator

I didn’t realize how ridiculous the late 80’s hyperviolent action movies were at the time, but in hindsight, the deaths that seemed so genuine and real to me as a kid seem really, really funny now. I realize there’s nothing inherently funny about Carl Weathers getting his arm shot off, then blown up by an alien laser (ok, maybe there is), but I’m going to have to claim some revisionist history here, as Arrested Development really went a long way towards clearing things up.

Any time someone loses an arm/hand and that arm/hand is still doing something, in this case shooting a gun, it’s probably not going to be taken too seriously.

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