Our 7 Favorite Tantrum-Throwing Actors

Thursday, December 8 by

Sean Penn

Does dangling a photographer off a ninth-story hotel balcony count as a tantrum? On the surface, yes. It definitely does. But the truth is that this 1987 event precipitated after Penn found the paporazzo hiding in this hotel room. I find that to be a reasonable and proportionate response in light of those circumstances. Penn was sentenced to 60 days in jail for punching the same guy on a movie set, which is how the allegations of balcony-dangling came to light.

That’s excusable, and somewhat understandable. What’s not is felony domestic assault against his then-wife, Madonna. Penn never stuck me as a particularly pleasant guy, so this doesn’t comes as too big a shock, but we’re not going for the subtlety here.

Let’s make one up!

“I heard Sean Penn methodically head-butted an entire class of third-graders when they visited the set of I Am Sam.”

Man, that’s fun.


Thank God Bjork is technically an actress (and a good one) thanks to Dancer in the Dark. Otherwise, I couldn’t in good conscience include this amazing meltdown that leads Bjork to attack a reporter who says nothing more than “Welcome to Bangkok” at the airport.

Bjork doesn’t like to be welcomed to places just like Michael Richards doesn’t like people talking during his set. I honestly believe that those two meltdowns are the most spectacular of this bunch because they didn’t come as a result of their personalities, but rather some bizarre vapor lock moment during which they just lost all control. Almost like a celebrity variety of Tourette’s.

Happy holidays, everyone!

And, seriously, don’t talk during Michael Richards’ stand-up.

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