Our 7 Favorite Tantrum-Throwing Actors

Thursday, December 8 by

Christian Bale

We’re probably all familiar with this instance, in which a take on the Terminator set was ruined, causing Bale to go all bitchcakes on the cinematographer who got in the actor’s eyeline and ruined the take. (Audio above) But he also flips out when his own family asks him for money. Granted, depending on his relationship with them, this could be very upsetting. But pushing your sister and mother is going a little far, no?

Great actor, great tantrums.

Mel Gibson

I’ll tell you how good Mel Gibson is at tantrums, but you’re going to blow me first.

(That’s me paraphrasing Mel Gibson. You don’t have to blow me. Unless you want to.)

Mel Gibson, in addition to having a well-documented distaste for Blacks and Jews, apparently doesn’t like when his girlfriend Oksana dresses in a provocative manner. He offers some constructive criticisms in the way of:

“You’re an embarrassment to me. You look like a fucking pig in heat, and if you get raped by a pack of n***ers, it will be your fault.

“How dare you act like such a bitch when I have been so fucking nice.”

I am going to come and burn the fucking house down… but you will blow me first.”

“Look what you did to me… look what you are… look what every part of you is…fucking fake… fucking fake. You are the most synthetic person… who the fuck are you?”

Seriously, Oksana. He’s been really fucking nice. Now stop acting like a bitch and be nice like him.

As of press time, Oksana seems to have not taken Gibson up on his “blow me in exchange for me burning your house down” offer.

Michael Richards

Just the one tantrum, but boy was it a doozy! During a stand-up set, the actor formerly known as Kramer just flat-out snapped in reaction to a couple people talking or heckling during his set. He drops n-bomb after n-bomb, seemingly snapping in a manner more shocking than other entrants on this list. I can’t see Russell Crowe or Alec Baldwin getting through a meal without throwing something against the wall, but when Stanley Spadowski from UHF has a racist tantrum, it’s a little more disturbing.

He’s behaved since the event. Just seriously, don’t talk during his set.

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