Our 7 Favorite Tantrum-Throwing Actors

Thursday, December 8 by
Celebrities! They're just like us! They beat concierges with phones and called their 11 year-old daughters "pigs!" 

Alec Baldwin is making headlines yet again for his short fuse. This time, the actor was kicked off a plane for throwing a tantrum. The tantrum came as a result of being asked to turn off his phone for departure while playing Words with Friends. If anyone has his WWF handle, I want it.

This act is the latest in a long line of tantrums for Baldwin, but he’s far from the only actor who has been known to lose his or her cool. Let’s visit Jack Donaghy and six other actors who really, really, REALLY like to get their own way.

Alec Baldwin

Crowe has taken to storming out of interviews when questioned about his accent, as he was on a Robin Hood junket, and he once called a producer of Gladiator in the middle of the night, to let him know that he would “kill him with his bare hands.” But those are just words. It’s way more interesting when you sprinkle in some violence, as Crowe did in 2006 when he took to beating a concierge in a New York hotel. Beating a concierge is certainly a tantrum. In fact, it’s an awesome tantrum. But that fact that Crowe beat him with a phone is what really makes Crowe rise above the rest, joining the Joe Pesci’s of the world. Scientists have proven that tantrums get up to 47% funnier when the tantrum-thrower uses a conventional item as a weapon.

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