Other Things We’d Like To See ‘The Stars’ Do Besides Dance

Monday, November 21 by


Can Charlize Theron take Kate Winslet in a fight? Who would REALLY win between Edward Norton and Brad Pitt? Fights will not be stopped and nothing is off limits. A heavyweight division could contain such favorites as Henry Rollins, Tyler Perry, and Gabourey Sidibe.

Finally, the world would know if Michael Cera can take a punch.

Telling Racist Jokes

You could have the amateurs, like maybe Kirsten Wiig or Chace Crawford, teaming up against the pros, like Michael Richards, Gilbert Gottfried, and Mel Gibson. Also, the world would be pleasantly surprised to find out that Clooney can tell a horribly racist joke, and still come across as affable and charming.


I’m not so interested in why the celebrities are bleeding (though that would be another great show – I’m a Celebrity…What’s Causing Me To Bleed?), but rather how they deal with it. I’m guessing that Johnny Knoxville would just laugh, Larry David david would bitch about how blood is red and stains everything and bleeding wouldn’t really be so bad, pleasant even, if blood was clear.

Also, we could possibly see horrible celebrities trying to act tough, but ultimately dying of exsanguination. Spencer Pratt is the only one that really comes to mind.

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