Oscar Nominees That Should Have Won

Thursday, February 16 by Russell Deza

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	These Oscar nominees that should have won best picture are proof positive that the voting Academy Award members get it wrong so many times. Although these films had fantastic actors, a great script and a masterful <a href='http://www.screenjunkies.com/tag/director-731/' class='linkify' target='_blank'>director</a> they mysteriously failed to get the nod of the judges. While the winning Oscar films are usually deserving a few are genuine stinkers. Even though these Oscar front runners failed to take home any hardware, you can bet that years from now, these will be remembered as bona fide classics.</p>
	<strong>“The Dark Knight”</strong></p>
<p style= Should Have Won Oscar The Dark Knight

First in this list of Oscar nominees that should have snagged that coveted trophy is “The Dark Knight”. Although Christian Bale was the main man playing “Batman” in this summer blockbuster, he was overshadowed by Aaron Eckhart who took on the role of “Harvey Dent” and the late Heath Ledger who played the “Joker”. Ledger was simply unbelievable as the maniacal Joker. His performance in the popular “Brokeback Mountain” was well-received but he simply outdone himself in “The Dark Knight”. Unfortunately, a film about an a young man who grew up in the streets of Mumbai, India who won a boatload of money in some silly game show got the nod of the judges.

“Shrek 2”

Should Have Won Oscar Shrek 2

Next is the hugely popular “Shrek 2”. Probably the most hilarious installment in the series, audiences meet Princes Fiona's parents for the first time as they get the shock of their lives. Unfortunately, animated films tend to get overlooked by the Academy Awards bigwigs and the funny thing is no one really knows why. Strange since "Shrek 2" wasn't just one of the funniest animated movies ever, it is probably one of the most gut-busting films ever released. Instead, a rather depressing flick about a female boxer who eventually gets paralyzed and dies took home the award.

“Back to the Future”

Should Have Won Oscar Back to the Future

Much like animated movies, there are only a number of science fiction releases that manage to get an Oscar. Comedies get the same treatment. So when a movie that is equal part science fiction equal part comedy is scrutinized by Academy Award judges, don't get your hopes up. Never mind that it turned out to be one of the most successful and one of the most beloved movies of all time. For some some strange reason, “Back to the Future” was bested by a movie featuring a syphilis-stricken Meryl Streep, a film hardly anyone remembers anymore.

"E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial"

Should Have Won Oscar ET

 Even without an Oscar award for Best Picture , this Steven Spielberg opus remains one of the best films of all time. Not only did it feature a young and incredibly cute Drew Barrymore, and a memorable soundtrack, it also had great special effects which was way ahead of its time. Movie fans were shocked as a movie about a small, unassuming and non-violent Indian leader took home the bacon.

"Raiders of the Lost Ark"

Should Have Won Oscar Raiders of the Lost Ark

Last in this list of Oscar nominees that should have won best picture is the 1981 blockbuster, “Raiders of the Lost Ark”. While he was good as the wisecracking, space smuggler “Han Solo” many movie fans consider “Indiana Jones” to be a superior Harrison Ford role. A movie about an Olympian who combats bigotry was chosen instead. Strange considering “Raiders of the Lost Ark” had a bunch more chariots and a lot more fire than that movie ever did.

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