Nora Roberts films are based off her excellent romance dramas. Roberts is a novelist with a flare to make movie magic. Her words have become synonymous with romance and resonate with female fans for years and years.

  1. "Tribute" Made in 2009, this movie was based off Nora Roberts' book of the same name. It is about a young woman who returns to her roots in order to purchase and save her grandmother's old home. She attempts to restore it, but begins to have haunting dreams of her famous grandmother and her untimely death. She goes to this home to escape her own former child star past, but finds no serenity.

  2. "High Noon" Emilie de Ravin stars in this mysterious and romantic drama. Portraying a hostage negotiator, she tries to juggle the pressure from her job, the commitment from being a single mother and the dedication of helping her agoraphobic mother. Tossing romance into the mix, she must begin to negotiate elements of her own life.

  3. "Carolina Moon" This film was based upon the famous Nora Roberts novel. It tells the story of a psychic woman who returns home. She is coming home in order to understand some visions she has been having. However, she eludes danger and unearths romance once she gets there. Oftentimes, Nora Roberts' novels consist of a strong leading woman trying to make sense her own life.  

  4. "Montana Sky" Whenever there is a death in the family, it is always interesting to see what happens with the will. In this novel, Roberts tells the story of three sisters from different mothers who must live on their dead father's ranch for a year before inheriting the money for it. These sisters have never met and their lives become entangled in love and their past relationships.

  5. "Sanctuary" Yet another great idea from the brain of Nora Roberts. She depicts what happens when a young woman named Jo Ellen becomes the victim of a stalker. She returns home to escape and she ends up connecting with old friends and lovers. But she still can't help but feel that she is being followed. Is this just paranoid delusion or is she truly in harm's way?