9 Unlucky Movie Losers Who Never Had A Chance

Monday, September 12 by

4. The Motorists – Fargo

The next time you’re bitching about driving in heavy snow, remember that things could be worse. You could witness pancake obsessed European kidnapper Gaear and his buddy Carl dragging a dead State Trooper down the road. The unlucky couple in Fargo passed such a scene and paid with their lives. And then a pregnant cop puked on their crime scene. Bad times in North Dakota.

5. Staff Sgt. Wilhelm – Inglorious Basterds

Sgt Wilhem was a German soldier in a World War II action film, so he was probably screwed from the word go. But he almost survived a brutal gun fight that had nothing to do with him, until he called Bridget von Hammersmark a “f-ing traitor” and she repaid him with a bullet. Still, in all fairness, she was technically a traitor.

6. Melanie Mitchell – Air Force One


I suppose being the White House Press Secretary comes with an inherent risk, but Melanie probably figured she was safe on board the most heavily guarded aircraft on the planet. Wrong. A bunch of dirty terrorists shut out her lights just to show the President (and the audience) that they meant business. Of course, later the same Commander-in-Chief went all commando and took back the plane…ironically too late to save the person who would have bragged to the media about what a badass he was.

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