Netflix Streaming Problems

Saturday, September 3 by Helen Rogers

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	Many users experience Netflix <a href=streaming problems every day when they use the Instant Play feature. Sometimes the problem can just be intermittent and caused by Netflix itself, but sometimes the problem may originate on your end. If you’re having some trouble with your Netflix streaming, it may be time to investigate and kill the root of the problem.

To fix Netflix streaming problems, you will need:

  • A device that supports Netflix
  • Netflix subscription
  • Basic knowledge of Netflix interface

The video that you’re trying to play won’t load. This problem occurs when you’ve selected a title to watch and the video never ends up loading. This can be caused by a number of things. However, it is mostly caused by an intermittent problem from Netflix. This is because you were able to browse your Instant Queue and other selections. First, check your internet connection and make sure that nothing has suddenly occurred to break your connection to your ISP. For example, check all wires and make sure that the lights are blinking on the cable modem. It may be a good idea to also check if you receive internet on other devices in your home (i.e. computers, gaming consoles, etc). If everything looks fine, this could be a problem on Netflix’s end.

You can’t connect to Netflix. If you’re having trouble connecting to Netflix at all, this is probably an issue on your end. Start by checking your internet connection and wires to make sure that it’s not just a break in the connection. Try connecting to Netflix on other devices (such as your computer) to rule out the possibility of it being a problem on Netflix’s end. However, if the computer connects, the problem lies solely with your device. Make sure that network settings are configured correctly.

The video is re-buffering frequently. This is another problem that many people seem to have with Netflix streaming.  This is noticeable when the video you’re watching frequently stops to re-buffer (reload). This may be due to a poor connection to the Netflix server on your part. In some cases, the data speed subscription to the ISP can be the culprit for this issue. However, if this is not a recurring problem, it could just be intermittent.

Fast-forwarding causes the video to freeze or close. This is a common and unresolved issue that happens with Netflix users trying to view titles on the Xbox 360. Many times, a restart of the console will fix the problem.

The video quality is unacceptable. Sometimes streaming can yield a grainy or pixilated look that can be quite distracting. This can also be the result of a slow internet connection speed. Upgrading your internet package with your ISP could very well resolve the problem, but it could also be an issue on Netflix’s end. If this problem doesn’t occur normally, it could only be temporary.

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