If you have a Netflix account, you can use the company's "Watch It Now" program to stream movies and shows directly to your television using Netflix streaming devices. This is a great way to watch some of the newest and hottest entertainment, as well as old favorites, instantly. The following areNetflix streaming devices you can use to get your viewing entertainment instantly:

  1. Game consoles. You can stream Netflix movies using your Nintendo Wii, Playstation 3 or XBox 360. Using the controllers that come with these gaming systems, you can access Netflix entertainment with the touch of a button. If you already have one of these gaming systems, you are all set!

  2. Streaming players. These special devices connect with your TV, allowing you to stream Netflix movies. Some have other capabilities as well, such as Internet access. There are various streaming players on the market. Popular brands include Logitech, Sony, Apple and Roku.

  3. Blu-Ray players. In addition to playing Blu-Ray DVDs, many of these players have the capability to stream Netflix movies. Look for a player with a box that says "Netflix-ready" or "Supports Netflix Instant Streaming." This is a great entertainment investment.

  4. HD Televisions. Certain models of HD-TVs allow you to stream Netflix movies directly from the set itself. These include TVs from Sony, Panasonic, Samsung and Sanyo. This allows you to access Netflix movies without any extra hardware.

  5. Tivo DVR. A Tivo digital video recorder has the capability to stream Netflix entertainment. You can save the movies and watch them whenever you want.

  6. Mobile devices. Netflix streaming is currently available for several smartphones and other mobile devices. These include the iPhone, the iPod Touch, the iPod and the Windows 7 phone. If you already use one of these phones, you can start streaming Netflix today!

If you have a Netflix streaming-ready device and you would like to stream Netflix movies through your account, visit www.netflix.com/NetflixReadyDevices. There, you can enter the activation code for your device to get started.