The Netflix Instant Queue is one of the main selling points of the online video-rental service. Netflix, traded as "NFLX" on the NASDAQ, was founded in 1997 by Reed Hastings (the current CEO) and Mitch Lowe. The company was originally designed to be a website that rented out DVDs for a flat fee, but it later introduced concepts such as the monthly fee, video recommendation system, and (yes) the Netflix Instant Queue. As Netflix evolved, so did its delivery methods.

The Instant Queue in a nutshell. The Netflix "Watch Instantly" feature gravitates around the "Instant Queue." Basically, "Watch Instantly" is a feature offered by Netflix that beams movies, TV shows, and other nonsense straight to your television/computer/game console. There's no wait, it's totally free, and it's as easy as clicking your favorite show from the Netflix website and watching it on your TV.

Not all videos are available. Of course, the Netflix Instant Queue isn't a miracle-child, it still has its limitations. Most TV shows and movies are not available on "Watch Instantly." Yet, the most popular videos are usually available and ready to be beamed straight to your Netflix-Ready Device in a second.

What's a Netflix-Ready Device? A Netflix-Ready Device is a piece of hardware that is capable of receiving instant streams of movies and TV shows. These babies simply need to be activated on Netflix's website and they are good to go!

How many devices are there? There is a good number of Netflix-Ready Devices out there on the marketplace, almost all of which serve other primary purposes. The Xbox 360, Wii, Tivo, Apple TV and a number of DVD players, televisions, and mobile phones serve as Netflix-Ready Devices. So far, the only device capable of receiving 1080p (full High-Definition) is the Sony Playstation 3.

How to put movies on your Netflix Instant Queue. Putting movies, shows, and clips on your queue isn't hard at all. Simply navigate to the Netflix website, log in, search for your favorite flick, see if it says "Add to Instant Queue," and then click to watch instantly! Alternatively, it's possible to get suggestions from the "Watch Instantly" list on the website or directly from your Netflix-Ready Device.

The movie rental business was forever changed with the advent of the Netflix Instant Queue. The company itself is revolutionary, but the idea of getting a whole library of videos straight to your TV for a monthly fee was even more awe-inspiring. So take part in the digital revolution by sitting back, making some popcorn, and watching movies from your Netflix Instant Queue.

- Daniel Khalil