This list of must see movies of all time for guys is highlighted by action-packed thrillers, sweeping westerns, hilarious buddy comedies and some of the most iconic films in cinema history. Characterized by incredible action sequences, beautiful women and some of the greatest stars ever to grace the screen, these testosterone driven epics embrace the ideas of brotherhood, sex and violence and have set the standards for the genres of comedy, action and thriller.

  1. “Die Hard” The greatest must see movie of all time for guys, “Die Hard” defined the modern day action movie and starred Bruce Willis as the sarcastic John McClane, a New York City cop who takes down an entire team of international terrorists (and most of the skyscraper they invade) in order to save a group of hostages.

  2. “The Terminator” The movie that launched Arnold Schwarzenegger into superstardom, this 1984 classic is one of the must see movies of all time for guys. Featuring the action star as a homicidal, time-traveling cyborg sent to kill the mother of mankind’s savior, the film also delivers an excellent performance from a young, beautiful Linda Hamilton.

  3. “First Blood” The first film to feature Sylvester Stallone’s immortal character John Rambo, “First Blood” finds the Vietnam vet being abused by ignorant small town policemen. What follows is an intense thrill ride in which Rambo blows up half the town after taking on the town’s entire police force as well as the National Guard.

  4. “The Hangover” One of the best buddy movies ever made, this film features a brilliant ensemble cast including comedian Zack Galifianakis, Bradley Cooper and Ed Helms and chronicles the day after a bizarre Las Vegas bachelor party in which four friends attempt to recount the night’s drug, booze and hooker laden festivities.

  5. “Bullitt” Without a doubt one of the best must see movies of all time for guys, “Bullitt” stars one of film’s greatest action stars, Steve McQueen, as a cop determined to take down the underworld kingpin responsible for killing the witnesses in his protection. The film features the most impressive car chase ever filmed as well as a stunning, young Jacqueline Bisset as the titular character’s girlfriend, Cathy.

  6. “The Godfather” This epic masterpiece by legendary director Francis Ford Coppola has been called one of the greatest films ever made and is the first in an iconic series chronicling ten years in the bloody lives of the Corleone family. Featuring award winning performances by screen legends Marlon Brando, James Caan and Al Pacino, the film won a number of Academy Awards including Best Picture.

  7. “Goldfinger” Featuring Sean Connery as British spy James Bond, this film is the third in a long line of films centered around the charismatic spy and is probably the most memorable, notably for Gert Frobe’s portrayal as the ruthless Auric Goldfinger. With intense action, incredible gadgets and Connery’s suave portrayal of Bond, the film also features the series’ most memorable Bond Girl, Pussy Galore, played by the ravishing Honor Blackman.

  8. “Tombstone” No list of must see movies of all time for guys would be complete without a western. This 1993 film about the infamous gunfight at the O.K. Corral features outstanding performances by Kurt Russell and Val Kilmer as U.S. Marshal Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday. An exceptional performance by a beautiful, young Dana Delany as Josephine Marcus highlights this action-packed historical drama.

  9. “Cool Hand Luke” This 1967 classic feature Paul Newman at his best as the titular character who coolly defies the system when he is sent to a Florida prison camp. Highlighted by a sadistic warden and a perfect performance by George Kennedy as Dragline, this film is arguably one of the best must see movies of all time for guys.

  10. “Rocky” The greatest underdog movie ever made, “Rocky” chronicles the uphill struggles of Philadelphia boxer Rocky Balboa. The film made Sylvester Stallone into an overnight sensation and featured incredible bouts, heart pumping music, and a radiant young Talia Shire as Rocky’s love interest, Adrian Pennino. Written by Stallone, “Rocky” won the Academy Award for Best Picture in 1977.