Movies with sex scenes allow audiences to have more bang for their buck with hot actors and actresses engaged in passionate encounters. Sex scenes add a bit of extra spice to many movies. Movie scenes involving sex are tricky at best as the situations need to correspond with the proper mood for love. Some movies simply use sex scenes as another element of entertainment from erotic thrillers to low budget action movies with handsome hunks and sexy actresses. Movies with sex scenes let the fun and pleasure of a good roll in the hay be enjoyed in mass quantities for the delight of viewers everywhere.

  1. "Basic Instinct" Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone take erotic thrillers to the next level in this sex-filled murder mystery. A burned out detective investigates the murder of a former rock star that leads him to an alluring bisexual novelist. The plot boils with hot and heavy sex scenes as the pursuit of the killer drags the man to the limit of obsession.

  2. "The Dallas Connection" Blood, bullets and babes are synonymous with the name Sedaris and this actioner does not disappoint. The plot revolves around a group of busty assassins after a scientist who tries to hand over a computer chip to the IWAR organization. The movie is just an excuse to see Julie Strain, Wendy Hamilton and Julie K. Smith nude and frolicking in passionate encounters with hunky men.

  3. "Payback" C. Thomas Howell is an ex-con who tracks down a former prison guard in exchange for the whereabouts of a fortune in stolen money. Things get complicated when he meets the man's waitress wife played by Joan Severance. The two soon become entangled in a hot affair behind the back of her husband in smoldering sex scenes.

  4. "Witchcraft V: Dance with the Devil" This chapter in the supernatural movie series about an evil warlock trying to bring Satan to the world is loaded with sex scenes. Nicole Sassaman plays one of his temptresses who goes after William and uses her feminine wiles to lure him to the service of the warlock. The story is just the thread to tie one sensuous encounter after another.