Movies with nudity do not always rely on the nudity to make the movie popular. In some cases, the movies with nudity become popular because of who is getting naked. In other cases, movies with nudity become popular because there is just too much quality nudity to ignore.

  1. "Monster's Ball" (2001). The plot of "Monster's Ball" (2001) involves a former prison executioner (Billy Bob Thornton) falling in love with the widow (Halle Berry) of the last prisoner he executed. In the process, Halle Berry gets naked and makes this one of the premier movies with nudity of all time.

  2. "Gia" (1998). There have been a lot of movies with nudity featuring Angelina Jolie. But the movie "Gia" (1998) about the troubled fashion model that died a tragic death was the first. Jolie also does a series of interesting lesbian scenes in this movie as well.

  3. "S.O.B." (1981). In 1981, Julie Andrews was the queen of clean movies and the wife of producer Blake Edwards. Both Edwards and Andrews decided to shake up her image, and the movie world, by having her do one of the most famous nude scenes in Hollywood history. It was only a topless scene, but it received an amazing amount of press and made this one of the movies with nudity to remember.

  4. "Wild Things" (1998). This story of a school counselor accused of inappropriate relationships with young female students includes several nude scenes featuring Neve Campbell and Denise Richards. That is enough to make this one of the movies with nudity that you have to see.

  5. "Frida" (2002). "Frida" (2002) is the story of an artist named Frida Kahlo (Salma Hayek) who lived a very depressing and painful life. But the movie also shows the steamier side of Frida's life that includes nude scenes and lesbian scenes from Salma Hayek.

-George Root