If you want to check out some movies with angels in them, look no further than the five great films on this list. These angel movies range from comedies to drama to romance, but all are fun and uplifting. Read on for the list of five great angel movies:

  1. "It's a Wonderful Life" (1946). This classic, one of the best-loved Christmas movies of all time, is about an angel who visits a suicidal man to show him what the lives of his family and friends would be like if he never existed. The man, a pillar of the small town Bedford Falls, is despondent at the loss of his business, but the angel' intervention makes him realize how precious life is. Starring Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed, the movie was nominated for five Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Director.

  2.  "Dogma" (1999). In this irreverent comedy, directed by Kevin Smith, an abortion clinic worker is chosen to help two renegade angels save mankind from destruction. The angels have been kicked out of heaven, and if they attempt to reenter the universe will cease to exist. The clinic worker meets a host of crazy characters along her journey, including a cardinal played by comedian George Carlin.

  3. "Angels in the Outfield" (1951). Another classic angel movie, this plot centers around the abusive manager for the losing Pittsburgh Pirates, who begins hearing the voice of an angel promising that the team will start to win if he mends his nasty ways. As he begins to turn his life around, an orphan girl who is a Pirates fan begins noticing angels on the ballfield during games. But will the team be able to win the Pennant?

  4. "City of Angels" (1998). This romantic comedy stars Meg Ryan as a doctor who notices a strange man in the operating room, who turns out to be an angel played by Nicolas Cage. The two fall in love, but can love last between an angel and a mortal being?

  5. "Michael" (1996). In this comedic fantasy, John Travolta plays the Archangel Michael, whose existence on Earth is discovered by two tabloid reporters. The movie explores his wacky adventures on Earth, as he drinks beer, dances, and interacts with humans. This feel-good film is directed by Nora Ephron.