7 Movies That Will Terrify Your Inner Child

Tuesday, December 27 by

The Host

This Korean monster movie will teach your inner child that in the real world, no one is safe, regardless of how much their families love them. So it’s scary, and educational! Kids might be able to relate to the monster too, since we watch it grow from just a tiny microorganism into a giant and agile killing beast. No child will soon forget the multiple and harrowing scenes of child endangerment – it’s good stuff!

Don’t Look Now

OK, so this mature thriller isn’t exactly kid-friendly entertainment. But if your goal is to baffle and/or frighten the shit out of your inner child, you could do a lot worse. For one, the very first scene in the movie is of a child drowning. Then, the atmosphere of creepy dread and confusion keeps building and building and building until it finally explodes in a bloody and shocking climax. Just remember to buy your inner child a balloon or something, cause that kid’s gonna be pretty shaken up.

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

A movie doesn’t have to be in the horror genre to scare your inner-child. Plenty of literal children have reported being traumatized by the third act of E.T. That’s when things get scary, and the lovable alien friend gets chased around and experimented on by a bunch of creepily, faceless government agents. If your inner child isn’t disturbed by the sight of a lifeless and grey E.T., consider having him evicted. He’s clearly a menace.

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