7 Movies That Will Terrify Your Inner Child

Tuesday, December 27 by

Although most therapists agree that your inner child needs to be nurtured and respected, sometimes you just want to scare the shit out of it instead. If this applies to you, maybe give some of these movies a shot. That should keep the little bastard quiet for a while, huh? Brought to you by Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, now available on Blu-ray & DVD.

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Super 8

Movies with children in peril tend to be pretty scary to kids, obviously because they see themselves in the middle of the action. And the action in Super 8 is as terrifying as you can get without veering into R-rated, too-shocking-to-resonate territory (I guess you could subject your inner child to Irreversible or The Last House on the Left, but what’s the fun in that? In addition to being scared, your inner child might feel a bit empowered too, since most of the anti-alien-monster heroics in Super 8 are performed by children.


Nothing is scarier to children, inner or otherwise, than evil clowns. And It, based on the novel by Stephen King, features the king of the killer clowns. Pennywise, played by Tim Curry, has the power to transform himself into whatever his victims fear the most. And for much of the movie, his victims (and the protagonists of the story) are little kids. No matter how tough your inner child is, he or she won’t be feeling the urge to go to the circus any time soon.

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