Pixar’s “Up” is a delightful, moving, action-packed, and downright funny epic that revolves around an elderly widower, Carl Fredricksen voiced by Edward Asner, who accidentally takes a young wilderness explorer, named Russell, to South America via his balloon elevated abode. This story is perfect for the entire family to enjoy. If you haven’t seen it, you’re simply a moron who must change his ways immediately. If you have, congratulations! If you’re looking for five more family based movies to enjoy alongside your loved ones, check out these classics too.


“Home Alone”

Before he became the world’s most famous drug addict, Macauly Culkin was a rambunctious little scamp who spent his days fighting off bad guys with his connect four. “Home Alone” inspired a generation of kids to throw pipes off their roofs and made burglars around the world buck up their ideas just a little bit.


“It’s A Wonderful Life”

James Stewart is simply wonderful as George Bailey, a down on his luck bank manager who is saved by Henry Travers' ghost, Clarence Odbody, after contemplating suicide. It might not sound like a film for the entire family, but you can’t help but fall in love with it. Plus by the film’s conclusion you’ll be weeping like a baby.


“Mary Poppins”

Julie Andrews is so enchanting as the world’s greatest-ever nanny that you’ll be singing everywhere you step and eating so many spoonfuls of sugar your teeth will probably drop out. Or you’ll turn into a chimney sweep.


“The Lion King”

Yes, it is basically Hamlet for kids, with the cast made up of animated lions rather than infuriated Danes, but it is impossibly magical. Simba, Mufasa, Scar, Timon and Pumbaa, and the laughing hyenas rank as Disney’s greatest-ever creations and by the end of the movie your kid will have gone through such a rollercoaster range of emotions, they’ll feel like a grown up.


“Toy Story”

John Lasseter propelled Pixar into the mainstream with the production company's debut feature film effort. And after the success of Woody and Buzz’s adventure, they never looked back, going on to become Hollywood’s most consistent production company.