Movies Like The Island That Are Better Than You Expect

Friday, December 21 by Gregory Wakeman



Michael Bay’s "The Island" was roundly criticized by critics who were forced, probably at gunpoint, to sit through his supposedly drab affair. And it was evident as the movie only managed to recuperate $36 million of its $126 million budget, despite possessing the stellar acting talents of Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson, the latter of whom was even willing to take her top off for the role. It probably would have made a bit more money if Bay had allowed her to do so. But the thing is, it’s actually not that bad a film. Yeah you might have to suspend your belief for its ridiculous plot but there are some good action scenes and who doesn’t want to watch Johannson run around on screen for two hours? Here are five more movies that are actually better than you'd expect.


“Daddy Day Care”


An Eddie Murphy family movie from the early noughties? It must be rubbish. Well you’d be mistaken actually. Murphy, along with his co-stars Jeff Garlin, Steve Zahn, Regina King, and Anjelica Huston, manage to remain just the right side of annoying, but it's the loveable cherubs who he cares for that really sparkle. Cuba Gooding, Jr.’s "Daddy Day Camp" is cinematic cancer, though.


“John Carter”


Many people would have you believe that Disney’s "John Carter," which was released earlier this year to mixed reviews, performed disastrously at the box office. But whilst that might be true for its performance in the US, overseas "John Carter" was extremely popular, especially in Russia. In the end it’s actually a rather enjoyable fare that, despite its cheesiness, doesn’t deserve the failure tag it has been adorned with.


“Jonah Hex”

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	In 2010 Josh <span data-scayt_word=Brolin and Megan Fox were two of the biggest names in Hollywood, Michael Fassbender was on the precipice of becoming huge, and John Malkovich … well, who doesn’t love a bit of the Malko? But none of this mattered when “Jonah Hex” was released, because critics and audiences fell over themselves criticizing it. But it isn’t all-bad. As you’d expect the performances are impeccable and there is some pretty nifty fight scenes. What more do people want?




Kim Cattrall launched her career with this tale of boy meets mannequin, mannequin turns into beautiful woman, the pair fall in love. Yes, it’s cheesy and a tad crass but its status as a cult classic shows that it has stood the test of time. Plus it made us all look at mannequins a little differently.




Kelly Brook and a hoard of beautiful women fight piranhas in their bikinis whilst shooting a porno. Forget what the critics say, this does exactly what it says on the tin. 

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