Movie genres are a way to categorize films that are made. Most films fall into one, if not more than one, of these categorize. Awards are typically given based upon genre. Genres in movies are important, but there are also sub-genres in the industry as well. Here are some of the best movie genres.

  1. Action and Adventure. Action and adventure movies typically include high energy as well as a lot of high budget special effects. There are chase scenes, battles and fights, destructive crises and adventure! They tend to play a little bit into fantasy as well as having good guys versus bad guys. Some examples would be "The Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End" and "Casino Royale."

  2. Comedy. This movie genre tends to have a light plot filled with humorous lines and extremely funny characters. Most of the time the circumstances the characters in these films find themselves in are quite hilarious. There have been varying forms of comedy ranging from slapstick comedy to black comedies. Movies like "Knocked Up" and "Death at a Funeral" are popular comedies that film goers really enjoy.

  3. Science Fiction. Also known as "sci-fi" for short, science fiction movies focus on subjects from other worlds. They are very imaginative and are loosely based upon myths from life. They tend to be futuristic in nature with a heavy mixture of science and extraordinary monsters. Science fiction really enjoys using the subjects of the films to comment on technology in the world and its effects. Great examples of science fiction would be "The Matrix" or "Alien."

  4. Drama. The drama genre in films are what most closely represent real life. They are often plot- and character-driven with very heavy and serious subject matter. There is usually intense character development through the story and are typically the most commonly seen movie genre. There are many other sub-genres of drama including biographical films, epics and romantic dramas. Most award-winning films are dramas including "Brokeback Mountain" and "The Hurt Locker."

  5. Musicals. This movie genre incorporates full scale dance numbers and songs into their scripts. Oftentimes the script is centered around the music and dance numbers as well. Some great examples of musicals would be "Moulin Rouge!" and "Chicago."