Is it possible to have a prolonged sexual relationship without feelings getting in the way? Only if one person is paying. But anything is possible in Hollywood, where these relationships seem to be all too common. In honor of the release of friends with benefits, we've compiled a list of movie characters who would make the bes friends with benefits.

Rizzo - Grease

What makes Rizzo a good candidate for this list? Well, she's a bit of a slut. And while that in and of itself might not be a great reason, the fact that she actually sings songs about putting out puts her a few notches above your normal tramp.

Sebastian - Cruel Intentions

Sebastian is a total man whore. After all, he wants to bang his stepsister, so I'm pretty sure he's down for having meaningless sex with you.

Mrs. Robinson - The Graduate

She's old, she's lonely, and she's experienced. She's also down for whatever and wants to keep things casual. Just don't mess it up by going after her hotter, younger daughter, and you'll be fine.

Annie - Bridesmaids

Annie is neurotic, insecure, lonely, and creeping toward 40. In other words, she's the perfect candidate for "friends with benefits." Just ask Jon Hamm's character, who kept her in his rotation. She had such a low self esteem, she didn't even get insulted when he asked her to go home instead of sleeping over.

Jenny - Forrest Gump

True, Jenny and Forrest did end up getting married. But let's be honest, she was just using him for the health insurance. For most of the film, they were simply friends with benefits. Granted, Forrest didn't get many "benefits" out of the deal. One night of sex and a premature ejaculation isn't exactly a fair trade for a lifetime of devotion. But a lot of other guys took Jenny for a spin without any sort of commitment, so she made the list.

Note: Be sure to wrap up tight with this one.

Beth - 40 Year Old Virgin

Beth is not the kind of girl you'd want to bring home to meet the family. However, when it comes to causal hookups, she's a great friend to have. She's into some kinky stuff. She'd even let you put your bike in her trunk, if you know what I mean.

Nadia - American Pie

The fact that she's incredibly hot and likes to look at porn is a great start. But the fact that Nadia is also an exchange student seals the deal. Yes, the accent is sexy. But the real benefit is that at the end of the semester, she'll be on a plane headed back to her own country, which means there's no chance for a long term relationship to develop.

Leon Phelps - The Ladies Man

Leon is smooth, sophisticated, and well endowed. And as his nickname indicates, he has no problem keeping things causal. If you're a lady looking for no-strings-attached sex, Leon is your man.

Lisa - Weird Science

Of all the entries on this list, Lisa is number one. Why? Because she's a friggen sex-robot. Talk about keeping it causal. If she somehow goes against her programing and decides she wants a commitment, you can simply bash he head in with a chair. There's no law against killing robots...not yet, anyway.