Move Over Madoff: The 6 Most Miserable Billionaires In Film

Monday, October 31 by

Mark Zuckerberg – The Social Network

Sure, he’s not fictional, but he’s a movie character, and he’s depicted as being a miserable prick, perhaps even more so during the deposition scenes during which he has already amassed his fortune. Why so glum, Mark?

A billion dollars might be cooler than a million dollars, but Zuck doesn’t seem to be enjoying himself as a broke college student nor as the founder of Facebook. Those Friendster guys might not have as much money, but I bet they’re probably having a pillowfight somewhere having the time of their lives.

Give me Shawn Fanning any day.

Daniel Plainview – There Will Be Blood

When Daniel Plainview beats the life out of Eli with a bowling pin, that’s probably the most he’s ever enjoyed his below-ground bowling alley. It’s a shame too, because Plainview had perhaps the shrewdest business sense of anyone on this list, but the use he puts it to gives him no joy. His wife is dead, his son is deaf and disenfranchised, so he’s pretty much all alone with a big-ass bowling alley.

Why does someone so joyless have a bowling alley? Does he rent it out for birthday parties?

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