Move Over Madoff: The 6 Most Miserable Billionaires In Film

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Scrooge McDuck – Duck Tales

It would seem that rather than enjoy his vast wealth, Scrooge McDuck would rather ride around in an old-timey car and protect his fortune from the Beagle Boys than do anything useful or fun with it. Sure, Scrooge’s wealth affords him the opportunity to take care of his nephews, but, let’s face it, his nephews really aren’t that great. They’re pretty much just regular dumb kids that happen to also be ducks.

I get the feeling that Duckburg wasn’t exactly a bastion of sophistication, so perhaps he should have resided in New York or London, where his main activity wouldn’t have thwarting dog robberies.

Bruce Wayne – Batman

While Michael Keaton seemed to portray Batman with something of a playful side (we won’t acknowledge Clooney or Kilmer), Christian Bale’s Bruce Wayne seems to be a miserable prick. I understand that watching your parents get killed at a young age would be horrific, but I’m not sure that getting your ass kicked in a Himilayan prison is the answer to your problems, sir.

The one time we see him living like he should was in Batman Begins when he rolls up to the restaurant in a Lamborghini with two ridiculously hot girls. He could do that EVERY NIGHT! But instead, he must harbor his childhood fear of bats and go play superhero.

Don’t get me wrong – he’s an excellent superhero. I just don’t think he’s having any fun with it. Not like that Joker fella did.

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