Motion Stopped: 6 of The Best Stop Motion Movies

Monday, January 2 by Joseph Gibson

“The Nightmare Before Christmas”

Probably the most famous stop-motion animated film, “The Nightmare Before Christmas” is a Christmastime/Halloween/fairy tale hybrid that doesn’t just feature stunning visuals, but catchy songs, hilarious gags, and genuine emotion. But those visuals remain one of the most memorable aspects of the movie. Try to imagine the work that went into the visuals as you watch the movie – serious head-spinning may result.

“A Town Called Panic”

A Town Called Panic.jpg

Stop-motion animation doesn’t have to be technically impressive to be memorable, and that’s definitely true for this surreal French cartoon, which features stop-motion animation that’s closer to an 8-year-old with a decent toy collection than Ray Harryhausen. But the visuals have an undeniable sweetness, and the gags range from hilarious to baffling.

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