Motion Stopped: 6 of The Best Stop Motion Movies

Monday, January 2 by Joseph Gibson

“Earth Vs The Flying Saucers”

Earth Vs The Flying Saucers.jpg

One of those special effects masters was the legendary Ray Harryhausen, who is probably on record as being the biggest fan of “King Kong” in the world. He used his skills in a variety of genres, and this is the peak of his science-fiction period, featuring incredible scenes of destruction at the hands of malevolent flying saucers. Seeing famous landmarks destroyed in special effects bonanzas is still a popular pastime, but they never have the level of charm and character that Harryhausen brought to the table.

“Mysterious Island”

Mysterious Island.jpg

Harryhausen also specialized in more organic creations, as in this masterful display of his talents. The story is an adaptation of a book by Jules Verne involving giant animals, pirates, and Captain Nemo. Harryhausen handles mostly the former group, creating memorable characters such as giant bees, a giant chicken, and a giant crab (for the crab, Harryhausen animated an actual dead crab!).

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