Are Will and Jaden Smith the most successful father-son acting duo of all time? Not, yet, but sadly, it won't be that hard for them to claim the title. If their latest collaboration with M. Night Shyamalan does well, they'll already have two successful films under their belt, which is more than most father-son acting teams can say. And considering that Jaden is only four years old (estimated), odds are we will be forced to endure this family for years to come.

But with all the famous Hollywood families that are out there, surely someone must be giving the Smith's a run for their money. Not really. Take a look for yourself.

Peter and Henry Fonda

Jane and Henry Fonda starred in On Golden Pond, a film that has gone down as a classic. But what about Peter and Henry? Well, they both starred in Wanda Nevada (and by starred, I mean Henry had a bit part). Ever heard of it? I thought not.

Jake and Gary Busey

Gary Busey is the greatest actor of his, or any, generation. And Jake Busey is the greatest actor who also happens to be Gary Busey's son. Together, they'd make at unstoppable on-screen pair. Unfortunately, they haven't done much, other than Straight Time, co-starring Dustin Hoffman and Kathy Bates. Jesus, look at Jake's head in that picture. Are motorcycle-accident injuries hereditary?

Scott and James Caan

James Caan was in The Godfather. What else do I have to say? His son Scott was in Ocean's 11, which is what it is. Together, they were in Mercy. I'm not saying it's a bad film, mainly because I'll never know. At any rate, I think Will and Jaden are safe from this father-son pairing.

Adam and Alan Arkin

Alan Arkin won an Oscar for his role in Little Miss Sunshine. Somehow, he wasn't even nominated for his role in Full Moon High, which co-starred his son Adam as a teenager who turns into a werewolf. No, this isn't Teen Wolf, but it did come out first, which leads me to beleive that Michael J. Fox probably isn't too popular at the Arkin household.

Cameron, Michael and Kirk Douglas

Michael, Kirk, and Cameron Douglas all starred together in the film, It Runs in the Family. It was so awful that Cameron was sent to prison for his involvement. It's true. Look it up.

Jeff, Beau, and Llyod Bridges

Jeff and Llyod Bridges actually co-starred in some respectable films, including Tucker. Beau and Lloyd were both in the film Daddy, which, based on the title alone, I'm going to say is horrible. Unfortunately, now that Lloyd is dead, they don't have a chance against the Smiths.

Ben and Jerry Stiller

It might not have made as much money as a Will Smith film, but at least the Stillers can hold their heads up high for the comedy, Zoolander. Not too high, though. It's still a pretty stupid movie.

Keifer and Donald Sutherland

Does the name Max Dugan mean anything to you? I'm guessing not, which doesn't bode well for Keifer and Donald Sutherland. It was Keifer's first film, and Donald's 347th (estimated). The two later co-starred in A Time to Kill, which isn't horrible. Maybe if they throw Donald a bone and cast him in the rumored 24 film we can get something going.

Emilio Estevez, Charlie and Martin Sheen

Last but not least, we have Martin Sheen to save the day. Yes, he was in Emilo's film, Bobby, and the two also co-starred in The Way. But luckily, both Charlie and Martin were in Wall Street, an Oscar winning classic. Something tells me M. Night's next film isn't going to take home any statues. Suck on it, Smiths!