Morgan Freeman For President In 2012

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He Can Relate To The Common Man

White guilt alone from 'Driving Miss Daisy' should win him Ohio and South Carolina.

You think that just because he’s well-spoken and wears uh-mazing bow ties that he can’t speak to the working class? FOOL! He’s been incarcerated, worked the beat as a police detective (several times), and even spent years driving around a privileged white lady in the south. Of course, those are his characters, but it’s still better than nothing.

Before Morgan Freeman the man took a job as an Air Force mechanic, he traveled with his family from Memphis to Mississippi to Indiana to Chicago. While that may not make him a “global citizen,” it does allow him to speak to elements of America that most presidential candidates cannot.

The Characters He Has Played Have A Deep Well Of Experience

What can't he do? Well, he CAN'T get bogged down in party politics!

He’s survived a nuclear terrorist attack in the Sum of All Fears, had firsthand experience with assisted suicide in Million Dollar Baby, overseen a nation divided by apartheid in Invictus, seen the nation through a natural disaster in Deep Impact, and fought in the Civil War in Glory.

If he had lived the characters he has played, he would be a modern-day yet much smarter Forrest Gump. While clearly he hasn’t lived these experiences, his demeanor is such that he has already tricked us into thinking he could. If Morgan Freeman appeared on TV during prime time, telling America that he had some sobering news – we had just invaded Switzerland, would anyone even bat an eye?

And I’m not saying that in the we’ve-already-got-a-black-guy-as-president-so-will-anyone-notice-if-we-swapped-out sense. I’m saying that because if all of a sudden, Morgan Freeman started appearing on the one-dollar bill, I would think to myself, “Huh. Seems about right.”

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