‘Moonrise Kingdom’ Trailer: Count The Wes Andersisms

Friday, January 13 by

Bill Murray

A Wes Anderson film isn’t a Wes Anderson without the deadpan lunacy of William James Murray. This is a rule that been in effect since he played Herman Blume back in Rushmore. Since then we’ve seen him portray a wacky neurologist, an underwater explorer, a businessman, and a badger. We don’t know a whole lot about his character in Moonrise Kingdom but we do know that he likes to chop things down while drunk and shirtless. At night.

Yellow Text

Text is just as important as the marquee names in Wes Anderson films. Taking a cue from films of the 1970’s, he often uses yellow text as it really pops with the very specific color schemes that he works within. It also adds to the overall vintage look of his work. The color white wasn’t discovered until the mid-1980’s.

Children In Animal Costumes

Wearing his Maurice Sendak inspirations on his sleeve, Anderson is always featuring children dressed in animal costumes. As a result, school plays and talent shows are often set pieces in his films. This particular style has been bitten from him and adopted by hipster filmmakers on a few occasions, most notably in Eagle vs. Shark.

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