War is horrible, but it is also fascinating, and the more we learn about it and the people involved in it, the less it will happen-at least in theory. There are a countless number of stories that come out of every war, depending on what type of war it is, the people in the country where the war is being fought and the soldiers who are involved in the actual fighting. Below are six of the greatest war documentaries ever made to give you a look at war from the inside.


From author Sebastian Junger, who wrote the book "The Perfect Storm", this war documentary shows the brutality and futility of fighting a war in the mountains of Afghanistan by following a platoon for fifteen months straight. It won Sundance in 2010 and was nominated for an Oscar in 2011.

"The War".

This seven-part, fourteen-hour television miniseries tells how World War II wore on Americans in different cities. It is a Ken Burns film, and he is the master of the long-form television documentary for the general public.

"The Fog of War".

From master documentarian Errol Morris, the "Fog of War" is a long interview with Robert McNamara, the U.S. Secretary of Defense during the Vietnam War, trying to explain himself, yet also admitting he was wrong in a number of circumstances. It is really about how war is such a massive and complex endeavor that it destroys even the best intentions.

"Hearts and Minds".

The winner of Best Documentary in 1975, "Hearts and Minds" is a politically biased-film about Vietnam, but that doesn't mean it was wrong, or that it isn't one of the most brutal and revealing films about the pain caused by the Vietnam War in general.

"Control Room".

This unique war documentary goes inside the inner workings of Al-Jazeera, the Middle Eastern news network, in the months following September 11th. It shows coverage of the War on Terror from the other side of the war.

"Taxi to the Dark Side".

Winner of numerous awards for Best Documentary, "Taxi to the Dark Side" tells the story of a cab driver who was murdered by United States forces due to a case of mistaken identity and the subsequent cover-up that occurred because of it. It is a must see when it comes to quality war documentaries.