Michelle Obama And Seven Other Instances Of Celebs Getting Booed

Monday, November 21 by

Roger Goodell

Roger Goodell gets booed by fans at the 2011 draft because that’s what people who are weird enough to attend an NFL draft do. It’s not quite as funny as when the Knicks fans boo whatever shitty pick their team makes at Radio City Music Hall, but it’s just fun to watch someone get booed and be unable to care any less about it. I never thought I liked Goodell, but after seeing him face the music here with a big, genuine smile, it’s hard not to like him a little more.

Justin Bieber

Haters gonna hate. I don’t know why you’d feel compelled to boo Justin Bieber, but as mentioned directly above, Knicks fans are in the business of booing anything and everything. Here, Justin gets booed for sitting courtside while his song “Baby” plays in the arena. Justin’s used to getting booed, so he takes it in stride. I guess when you can afford a Lamborghini for your 17th birthday, you really gain some perspective on what’s important.

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