Michelle Obama And Seven Other Instances Of Celebs Getting Booed

Monday, November 21 by

Dave Chapelle

Dave Chapelle has had a rough go of it since going AWOL from his acclaimed Comedy Central show and backpacking through Africa or smoking crack, or doing whatever he was doing before that.

That said, I don’t think he deserves a lot of sympathy here for getting booed, as his charity set was a rambling mess that was often punctuated with long stretches of silence, which in turn were punctuated with accusations towards the crowd that they wanted him to go all Michael Richards on them.

That never happened, but everyone was plenty bored. You’re a comedian, Dave. It can’t be the first time you’ve been booed.

Miss USA

Miss USA, who I’m sure has a very nice name, was booed incessantly by the pageant audience in Mexico City in 2007 for reasons indeterminate. Oh wait. I bet I can guess why. It’s because we’re their neighbors to the north, and they hate us. I really don’t see this working both ways. I would love to see an event held in NYC where the audience just rails on Canada and Mexico. Or, as I like to call them, the “loser countries.”

Kanye West

You can watch this video and wonder two things: Why are people booing Kanye West? (That’s easy) and why is Kanye West allowed anywhere near the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade? (Not so easy.)

Maybe because he called our President a racist during a Katrina telethon? That might have ruffled some feathers. Or maybe he was taking adorable bunny rabbits, tossing them in the air, then chopping them in half with a ninja sword (or, katana, if you will)? Maybe he delayed the parade by making his float take a turn to Starbucks because his pet snake had been meaning to try the eggnog latte?

We’ll never know. But when you can elicit the ire of so many on such a festive occasion, you know you’re sort of awesome.

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