Michelle Obama got booed at the NASCAR Sprint Cup finale in Florida this weekend. Also, the sky is blue and puppies are adorable. I don’t know why anyone would think she WOULDN’T get booed at a NASCAR event. I mean, she’s the black wife of a democrat president.

Well, when you’re in the public eye for any reason, you have to expect a little bit of hate. While it’s the cost of doing business, there are still a few occasions when the booing catches celebs off guard and just makes them want to jump under all the covers and have a good cry while Mazzy Star plays in the background. Here are a few examples.

LeBron James

Let’s kick things off with a remarkably boo-worthy celebrity. Before he left Cleveland, he was the savior of a city, and the face of a sport. Then, after “The Decision” and his unceremonious move to Miami, he was an ingrate who sold out his team to play on the beach with the best, rather than prove himself against them.

Cleveland fans have a pretty long memory, so don’t expect this phenomenon to stop any time soon. I watched this game and the booing picked up every time he touched the ball. The good news is that LeBron will have plenty of time to get used to it, as his betrayal and his inability to impact a game when located way up Dwyane Wade’s ass ensures he will be booed for years to come.

Also, I don’t know what dialect of Spanish that is, but it’s completely weird.


This is a very anticlimactic video, but I had to include it because it wouldn’t be a list about people voicing their hatred unless it included Nickelback. Well, I take great pains to avoid generalizations, but THE PORTUGESE HATE NICKELBACK!

So much so that they actually lob rocks at Chad Kroeger, who nonchalantly bids the audience adieu so as not to be, you know, killed by flying rocks.

How the hell did they wind up like this?

Dave Chapelle

Dave Chapelle has had a rough go of it since going AWOL from his acclaimed Comedy Central show and backpacking through Africa or smoking crack, or doing whatever he was doing before that.

That said, I don’t think he deserves a lot of sympathy here for getting booed, as his charity set was a rambling mess that was often punctuated with long stretches of silence, which in turn were punctuated with accusations towards the crowd that they wanted him to go all Michael Richards on them.

That never happened, but everyone was plenty bored. You’re a comedian, Dave. It can’t be the first time you’ve been booed.

Miss USA

Miss USA, who I’m sure has a very nice name, was booed incessantly by the pageant audience in Mexico City in 2007 for reasons indeterminate. Oh wait. I bet I can guess why. It’s because we’re their neighbors to the north, and they hate us. I really don’t see this working both ways. I would love to see an event held in NYC where the audience just rails on Canada and Mexico. Or, as I like to call them, the “loser countries.”

Kanye West

You can watch this video and wonder two things: Why are people booing Kanye West? (That’s easy) and why is Kanye West allowed anywhere near the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade? (Not so easy.)

Maybe because he called our President a racist during a Katrina telethon? That might have ruffled some feathers. Or maybe he was taking adorable bunny rabbits, tossing them in the air, then chopping them in half with a ninja sword (or, katana, if you will)? Maybe he delayed the parade by making his float take a turn to Starbucks because his pet snake had been meaning to try the eggnog latte?

We’ll never know. But when you can elicit the ire of so many on such a festive occasion, you know you’re sort of awesome.

Roger Goodell

Roger Goodell gets booed by fans at the 2011 draft because that’s what people who are weird enough to attend an NFL draft do. It’s not quite as funny as when the Knicks fans boo whatever shitty pick their team makes at Radio City Music Hall, but it’s just fun to watch someone get booed and be unable to care any less about it. I never thought I liked Goodell, but after seeing him face the music here with a big, genuine smile, it’s hard not to like him a little more.

Justin Bieber

Haters gonna hate. I don’t know why you’d feel compelled to boo Justin Bieber, but as mentioned directly above, Knicks fans are in the business of booing anything and everything. Here, Justin gets booed for sitting courtside while his song “Baby” plays in the arena. Justin’s used to getting booed, so he takes it in stride. I guess when you can afford a Lamborghini for your 17th birthday, you really gain some perspective on what’s important.

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