Michelle Obama And Seven Other Instances Of Celebs Getting Booed

Monday, November 21 by
They were probably just booing the gingers. I know I was.  

Michelle Obama got booed at the NASCAR Sprint Cup finale in Florida this weekend. Also, the sky is blue and puppies are adorable. I don’t know why anyone would think she WOULDN’T get booed at a NASCAR event. I mean, she’s the black wife of a democrat president.

Well, when you’re in the public eye for any reason, you have to expect a little bit of hate. While it’s the cost of doing business, there are still a few occasions when the booing catches celebs off guard and just makes them want to jump under all the covers and have a good cry while Mazzy Star plays in the background. Here are a few examples.

LeBron James

This is a very anticlimactic video, but I had to include it because it wouldn’t be a list about people voicing their hatred unless it included Nickelback. Well, I take great pains to avoid generalizations, but THE PORTUGESE HATE NICKELBACK!

So much so that they actually lob rocks at Chad Kroeger, who nonchalantly bids the audience adieu so as not to be, you know, killed by flying rocks.

How the hell did they wind up like this?

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