“Marky Mark” Wahlberg’s 7 Most Mediocre Action Films

Friday, January 13 by

The Yards (1999)

In case you didn’t realize it, Wahlberg and Phoenix played side by side in another crime thriller in 1999 about the subversive world of Subway Contractors in Queens. Also directed by James Gray (who did We Own the Night), The Yards is, not surprisingly, on the same level as its 2007 follow up.  It’s got some great acting, some decent conflicts, but overall, not much more than your typical east coast crime thriller. Cest la vie.

The Big Hit (1998)

Unlike ShooterThe Big Hit would’ve been…a big hit if it came out now, when action comedies are suddenly popular. Wahlberg is a hitman who decides to kidnap a rich guys daughter for money with a group of his idiot friends and, naturally, hilarity ensues. Like the others, The Big Hit isn’t bad  — it’s ridiculous, but it knows that and rides with it till the end with twenty different story lines that have nothing to do with anything. All in all, The Big Hit will give a few good laughs and not totally waste your time.

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