There are many magician movies that have been made over the years, but rarely they are as good as Christopher Nolan’s "The Prestige." Holding you by your seat for its entire duration, "The Prestige" twists and turns and keeps you guessing. Here are 4 other movies about magicians that are as good:

1. "Next"

Starring Nicolas Cage as Cris Johnson, a small-time Vegas magician who has psychic powers and can see into the future. However, his visions only extend for the forthcoming next two minutes, besides the vision of a woman he sees walking into a diner.  Next is a story of how Johnson searches for this woman and eventually saves the world through his powers.


2. "The Illusionist"

Loosely based on Steven Millhauser’s short story “Eisehnheim the Illusionist”, the movie stars Ed Norton as Eisenheim, a magician in Vienna who uses his abilities to get the woman he loves who is in a social class way above his. Both a critical and commercial success, hats off to Ed Norton for one of the best performances of his career.

3. "The Great Buck Howard"

One of the best magician movies you will never hear about from others, "The Great Buck Howard" stars Colin Hanks and John Malkovich. A comedy-drama, it captures the story of one Troy Gable (Hanks), who leaves law school and lands at the door of the mentalist Buck Howard (Malkovich). It explores the relationship of Gable with Buck and documents the ups and downs in the career of the “Great” Buck. Must watch.

4. "Scoop"


Starring Woody Allen, Hugh Jackman, and Scarlett Johannson, "Scoop" is a romantic comedy/murder mystery that digs into the story of Sondra Pransky (Johannson), a journalist who encounters a spirit, which tells her that Peter Lyman (Jackman), an aristocrat is a serial killer. Enlisting the help of Sid Waterman (Allen), a magician excelling in the art of deception, Pransky begins her investigation into Lyman. Exploring how professional life sometimes gets confused with the private life, Pransky attempts to stick to her job while keeping her emotions in control. Classic Woody Allen.