There's something strange that appeals to all of us. That strange something is the feeling of the possibility of getting lucky (Lucky at gambling, that is). These seven lottery movies all play upon that feeling. Perhaps seeing it on screen makes us feel even luckier. Whatever draws us to them, we sincerely enjoy movies about lottery winners. Maybe we even see ourselves up there on the big screen!

"It Could Happen To You"

Nicolas cage stars in this romantic-comedy about how a winning lottery ticket can actually unite complete strangers. Bridget Fonda stars as that other stranger, in the role of a waitress. It all starts because Cage's Charlie character doesn't have money for a tip. The rest is a crazy adventure involving luck and money.

"Waking Ned  Devine"

It happens a lot. The winning ticket has been sold, but no one comes forward as the winner. This film, about a lottery winner in Tulaigh More (that's Ireland, by the way). It's a small town of only 52 people. One of these 52 is the winner. Watch this delightful film as the town finds its winner. If you think winning money changes the lives of those that call the big city their home, just imagine how much of an impact such large sums of money make on a small community. This film shows you exactly how that happens.

"Lottery Ticket"


Ah, so what would happen if a child from the bad part of town won the lottery? What would happen then? Well, Ice Cube and Terry Crews are featured in this film that stars Kevin Carson (played by Bow Wow). When he wins a whopping 370 million, he suddenly gets to know his immediate neighbors a whole lot better. This film especially hits close to home because statistics tell us that minorities purchase the large majority of lottery tickets.

"The Lottery"

Four families from Harlem and The Bronx have up for the Harlem Success Academy lottery. Sure, it's not about winning a lot of money. However, the prize is a chance to attend one of New York's best charter schools. Therefore, these family members bet on future success in life. And let's face it, that's a whole lot more than a boatload of money.

"Lots Of Luck"


So, you say Disney doesn't make gambling films? They're all about family, right? Well, this entry might change your perception. It stars a middle age Annette Funicello. It's a story about a blue collar family. Naturally, everything changes in the whole family dynamic once these 'regular folks' win the lottery. You won't see many later Annette Funicello films than this one, so if you were ever a Mickey Mouse Club fan, this might be your last chance.

"Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory"


"I've got  golden ticket," says one of this movies' songs. This is also not a film about winning money. Rather, it's about the chance to visit the mysterious Willy Wonka chocolate factory. They're kids and parents, with particularly spoiled little brats. The songs are great. The visuals are eye-popping. However, it may make you want to eat too much candy. It might also cause you to keep your children in better check. You sure don't want them turning out like these bad eggs.


Director Jeffrey Blitz (who also directed "Rocket Science," "Spellbound"), made this feature-length documentary. It follows five lottery winners. The stories, sadly are not always happy ones. Lottery tickets can bring bad stuff to life, just as it can bring all the goodies. Watch this one and see what happens. This isn't a fantasy. No, it's reality, instead.