What are 10 classic drama movies? Dramas are loosely defined as movies which have serious subject matter and use action and dialog as their vehicle. This article will try to include something from some of the many styles of drama which may appeal to you.

"Casablanca" - A classic drama that stars Humphrey Bogart, and Ingrid Bergman as ex-lovers. Set in early 1940's Casablanca, a love triangle evolves interwoven with early WWII African politics. It pits the feelings of  a cynical Bogart against the Germans and his own instincts. This is a great classic drama.

"The Godfather" - Possibly the greatest mob drama of all time. Marlon Brando, Al Pachino and James Caan top an all star cast. It pits several rival gang families in the classic mob gang war.

"Goldfinger" - Sean Connery is THE James Bond and this one was great. Bond is charged with stopping a ruthless villain with a penchant for gold from stealing the world's largest supply of it from Fort Knox. You won't forget that gold beauty lying dead on the bed or the evil mountain of a sidekick with the wicked hat.

"Gone With the Wind" -  A huge epic love drama with suave Clark Gable, and beautiful Vivian Leigh . Set against the backdrop of the Civil War it has just as many sparks in the love story as the burning of Atlanta where it is set. This one gave us one of the most quoted lines in movies "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn!"

 "Psycho" - This is classic Hitchcock. It is the story of  Norman Bates, his mother, and the hapless victims who check into the Bates Motel. A classic thriller drama which will keep you on the edge of your seat until the last minute.  

"On Golden Pond" -  A superb classic drama from two of the all time greats, Katherine Hepburn and Henry Fonda.This is a love story about a couple in the twilight of their life. The story revolves around their summer at a family cottage on Golden Pond. Family interactions and their own relationship make this a unique must see 

"The African Queen" - A classic drama and love story. It pits a rough man, Humphrey Bogart, his boat, and a classic gentle lady, Katherine Hepburn against the German Navy in WWI.  They race to stop a German warship with nothing but an old wreck and their wits. Watch and enjoy...

"In the Heat of the Night" - A classic drama which features Sidney Poitier as the urban black police detective and Rod Steiger as the hick southern bigoted Sheriff. This is about a black man trying to gain respect and solve a murder in the rural south during the heyday of the Klan.

"Its a Wonderful Life" - Perhaps the greatest Christmas drama of all time. Jimmy Stewart thinks his wife, Donna Reed, and  family would be better off with him dead. Clarence, his guardian angel is sent to show him he really had a wonderful life. He chooses to do this by showing him what life would be like had he not been born. 

 "Cool Hand Luke" Paul Newman at his best. It is about a man who refuses to bow to prison chain gang authority. His refusal is punished by a cruel warden which make him more determined. This creates a circle bound to destroy one, or both. This is one great classic drama.

There are ten classic drama movies. There are some great old movies and some that are not quite so old. Hopefully, there will be something you will enjoy.